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banking payment infrastructure have serious role in money transmission. RUNC provide services in order to transmit money without move it. RUNC enable banks to have international transaction just with thier own currencies. in addition distributed ledger technology(DLT Tech) and also blockchain made our business more reliable for our partner.



Riskless Use of National Currency

In our first solution, rView, we try to look at a new perspective on the old issue. By utilizing the concepts, Trustline and Clearing of transactions, we will provide fast and low cost transactions for our partners.
In the second solution, rShift, by migration of banks to our network, RUNCnet, and using digital asset RUNCoin for transaction settlement stage, cross-border payment shifts to the optimum point.


Payments don’t meet the expectations of 21st century consumers or the needs of an inclusive global economy. They are the cornerstone of global economic activity. Yet, as the modes of payment grow more inventive and more convenient, the actual settlement of payments is mired in decades old technology. We believe that by using new technologies we can provide new facilities for our partners to make cross-border payments at lower cost, higher speed and lower failure rates.


:RUNC is proud to cooperate with the following companies

Technology Development Fund

Hitech Development Fund

international technology cooperation development fund

Gharzolhasaneh Resalat Bank of Iran

Export Development Bank of Iran